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After working in finance for 8 years, I quit my city job and spent 18 months travelling the world, climbing Kilimanjaro, backpacking around South America and doing a ski season. I used this time to help me decide on what I wanted to do with my life. ​ I set up Tough Girl Challenges as a way of motivating and inspiring women and girls. I'm the host the Tough Girl Podcast where I interview inspirational female explorers, adventurers, athletes and everyday women who have overcome great challenges. I completed the Marathon des Sables in April 2016 and in 2017 I will be thru hiking the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles) in 100 days! This is my daily update of what I get up to! I want to share the journey, the high points the low points and what it takes to build a business while having fun and going on adventures! Sarah AKA - Tough Girl xx The Daily Podcast will be on hold until I come back from the Appalachian Trail. I will be thru-hiking from the 3rd June to the 10th September. You can watch my vlogs on my Youtube Channel -
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Oct 2, 2017

Show notes!

Sunday 1st October


  • Feeling more energised and ready to podcast daily again
  • Wanting to go back and fill in the gaps for the TGDP (Tough Girl Daily Podcast)
  • Sorting my life out day!
  • Heading back to University
  • Getting myself prepared and organised
  • Reading Tim Ferriss - Tools of Titans
  • Speaking with Alex Mason - for the TGP
  • 1st October  - New Book Competition for Patrons!
  • Wanting to go the Women In Adventure Expo
  • Editing vlogs!!
  • Shout out to Flynn
  • 32 vlogs to go!!
  • Meeting a friend for lunch
  • Crossing things off my to do list
  • Getting caught up with the women from - 7 women 7 challenges
  • Wanting to start up Tough Girl Extra again
  • Other goals I want to do
  • Being a productive busy person!
  • Not wanting to be busy
  • Not liking the word balance anymore!!
  • Looking forward to Monday
May 29, 2017
  • Sunday 28th May
  • Final daily podcast
  • Why I started the daily podcast
  • Can’t wait to listen back to it all
  • Cutting off straps off my backpack
  • Needing a suitcase…
  • How to get my bag across
  • Just looking at my equipment…
  • What have I forgotten??
  • Final 3 items - trainers, jacket & bear cord
  • Food shop in America - going for high protein and fat diet
  • The weather….
  • The rain…
  • Wanting hot gorgeous weather…
  • The Numbers…… Youtube 451 - 35,000….. Twitter 7,291.… Instagram…. 6,091 Facebook…. 2,851
  • The Tough Girl Podcast  - 318,000 downloads - 171 countries
  • Weight - 10.7 3/4
  • Still trying to put weight on
  • Thank you Mike!!
  • How can you support me while on the trail…
  • No packages…
  • How your taste buds can change!
  • Buy me a burger!!!
  • The tough girl podcast will still be coming out
  • Part 4 - 7 women - 7 challenges is out today!!!
  • All show notes at
  • Priorities for the trail
  • The Tough Girl Team
  • Summer Blogging 2017
  • #TribeThursday
  • Show people how to listen to podcasts!
  • The Eddie Copeland Story
  • Thank you for listening!
  • Thank you for supporting me!
May 28, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 27th May - #PaveTheWay #7Women7Challenges 

Day 147!! Only 1 more episodes of the Daily Podcast to go! - Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube Channel to follow my Appalachian Trail Journey!


  • Final 2 days before I stop the daily podcast
  • Then 2 days of prep and then heading over to America
  • Final jobs
  • Part 4 - 7 Women - 7 Challenges  - coming out tomorrow 28th May
  • Not being able to see the progress that is being made
  • Things take time and why it’s about your daily habits
  • Meeting up with Stacey Copeland 
  • #PaveTheWay
  • Heading down to the beach for the photos
  • You can listen to Stacey on the Tough Girl Podcast
  • Editing 7 women - 7 challenges
  • How real it’s getting for the women involved in the challenge
  • Pottering day on Sunday
  • Compression gear?
  • Trying to avoid weight creep!
  • Feeling calm…. real or fake?
  • Ready to step away
  • I hope I can do it
  • Not wanting to let people down
  • I have to finish 
  • THANK YOU!!!
  • Check out 
  • 1 more daily podcasts to go!!
  • Part 4 - 7 women 7 challenges coming out this Sunday the 28th May! 



May 27, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 26th May - #LittlePrincessTrust #AndrewCollinge


Thank you to Andrew Collinge Graduates in Birkenhead for giving me a free haircut! 


Day 146!! Only 2 more episodes of the Daily Podcast to go


  • What have I done today?
  • Waking up super early & getting on it!
  • Speaking to Laura Try (Who will be rowing around GB)
  • Sunbathing- factor 50 and I still got burnt!
  • Donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust
  • Thank you to Andrew Collinge Graduates in Birkenhead for giving me a free haircut! 
  • What I learned from this experience
  • Come and follow me on Instagram stories @toughgirlchallenges to see more
  • Having a purpose and why I’m so pleased I was able to donate my hair
  • Growing my hair again…
  • More sunshine
  • Speaking to Jo Jo in America
  • GoPro learnings…
  • Karma Grip dying after 45 mins
  • Getting the footage off my GoPro onto my phone
  • Freeing up space on my phone
  • New to do list created
  • How I’m feeling….
  • My rest and recovery
  • Patreon… 10/12 new patrons
  • Do book giveaways make a difference
  • $497 in May - goals for June - July - August
  • Trying to understand why people do sign up to patreon.. what else can I do
  • Coming up to 450 subscribers on Youtube
  • Twitter - 7,300
  • Enjoy the beautiful weather! 
  • THANK YOU!!!
  • Check out 
  • 2 more daily podcasts to go!!
  • Part 4 - 7 women 7 challenges coming out this Sunday the 28th May! 



May 26, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 25th May - #SummerBlogging #TribeThursday

  • Summer Blogging (For patrons & Tribe members)
  • Making it happen - thank you Rachel Goodard
  • Plans for 2018 
  • Year of The Tribe
  • Wanting to do more
  • Will people want to write blog posts
  • Developing Tough Girl Extra
  • Speaking with Gemma Smith
  • 2 more interviews to do
  • Editing or sunbathing….
  • 27 degrees 
  • Trying to build my base tan
  • Not long to go now!!
  • 3 more days of the daily podcast!!
  • Plans over the next few days
  • Plan for the start
  • Meeting up with Becca
  • Hair cut tomorrow!! (Donation to Little Princess Trust)
  • Have an awesome day
  • Come and follow me on Instagram stories @toughgirlchallenges
  • Part 4 - 7 women 7 challenges coming out this Sunday the 28th May! 
May 25, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 24th May - #Wednesday #NewKit #Trail&Kale


Day 144!! Not long to go


  • Speaking to Georgie Smith- From 
  • No new shoes or jacket :-(
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Visiting REI
  • New homeopathic remedies ordered
  • Nice e-mails - thanks you Helen D & Zoe W
  • Helen from Inspiring Fitness Blog - Trail Running, Adventures, Gear & Nutrition
  • Have an awesome day
  • Filming answers to questions
  • Re purposing vlog content
  • Check out 
  • Come and follow me on Instagram stories @toughgirlchallenges
  • Part 4 - 7 women 7 challenges coming out this Sunday the 28th May! 
May 24, 2017


Tough Girl Daily - 23rd May - #Manchester #What2Do


  • New Podcast out today - With Bex Band
  • How to process what’s happened
  • Should you stop social media
  • Not letting them win
  • Not wanting to give the power
  • I don’t know what the answer is
  • Being in New York - September 11th
  • Wrong time - wrong place
  • Interviews for 7 women - 7 challenges
  • Catching up with Jen and Rachel
  • Being interviewed for 2 podcasts
  • Living your HELL YES life
  • Final push -7 women - 7 challenges
  • Equipment - Shoes & Jacket
  • Being invited to Keswick Mountain Festival
  • Brand & Influencer Partnerships - Blacks, Millets & Ultimate Outdoors
  • Flights…..
  • Feeling relaxed and trying to reframe the “challenge”
  • My 5 priorities for the trail
  • No more training
  • A little bit concerned about my weight…
  • Make sure you speak to people if you need to
  • Spread some positivity
  • Day 24 - Raise the bar life coaching 



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May 23, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 22nd May - Feedback for Vlogs on the Trail!

  • Adding value to you!
  • Reaching out to FB Groups to ask for input re the trail
  • Appalachian Trail: Women’s Group
  • Homemade Wanderlust Backpacking Forum (thanks Mike!)
  • Being authentic while on the trail
  • Interviewing women on the AT
  • Dealing with the wind noise
  • Thinking about sound quality
  • Friday 26th - Getting my hair chopped off!
  • Going for a bob!
  • Photo shoot #PaveTheWay with Stacey Copeland
  • New Video shoot - 
  • 7 Women - 7 Challenges - Part 4 coming out of the 28th of May
  • Final week
  • Traveling to London on the 30th - US on the 1st!
  • Check out Love Her Wild - 


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May 23, 2017

At 26 years old, Lauren Morton is a two-time world record holder. She’s rowed across the Atlantic Ocean and survived The Island with Bear Grylls. Lauren came onto the Tough Girl Podcast to talk about her incredible experiences and what they taught her about perseverance and strength. With every feat that Lauren took on, she faced innumerable challenges. The way she made it through despite so many obstacles, can help anyone going through a difficult journey.

1. Adapt and Keep Going

2. Remember Your Strength

3. Choose Your Attitude

4. Find Happiness From the Inside

Listen to Lauren talk about her incredible experiences and what she learned on the Tough Girl Podcast.

May 21, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 20 May - #Wedding! #NewEquipment #Routines

  • Productive morning
  • Forcing myself to do work
  • Making it happen
  • Getting ready in 30 mins
  • Chilled evening
  • Super relaxing
  • Making up things to do
  • Go Pro HERO 5
  • Ready to create some epic vlogs
  • The sound quality….
  • What to do?
  • How to get the footage into dropbox
  • My biggest concern
  • Wifi in towns… good or bad?
  • New Blog posts uploaded
  • The importance of routines
  • x


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May 20, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 19 May - London Freelancers’ Fair 2017


  • Setting an alarm
  • Travel to London
  • BECTU Freelancers Fair
  • Seminar - Claim your digital space!
  • Lawrence Elman
  • Eline Van Der Velden
  • No right or wrong
  • Doing what’s right for you
  • Career Highlight…
  • Career Lowlight…
  • My top piece of advice..
  • Why you have to start
  • Putting yourself out there
  • Be a doer
  • Take ACTION
  • Don’t get caught up in your own head
  • Take action to cure your fears
  • Does 8,602 steps count towards a training session!
  • Good new coming tomorrow
  • Wedding - follow on Instagram Stories!
  • Have an amazing Friday!
  • Take one step today
  • x


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May 19, 2017


  • Up early
  • 4 mile walk done 
  • Ready to get out there and to start
  • Looking for gold bracelets
  • Laptop cleaned up
  • Heading to London
  • Having to set an alarm
  • To film or not?!
  • 1 more walk to do..
  • 2 more strength & conditioning 
  • Record a few more videos
  • Upload a blog post
  • New books to read - The Secret & The Power
  • New pins on my Pinterest Board
  • Speak tomorrow 



May 18, 2017
  • Fun at the gym
  • 60 kg
  • Smashed out another 4 mile walk
  • Practice with my tent
  • 6 mins to put it up - 3 mins to take down
  • More research into the trail towns
  • Checking out walking plans
  • Speak tomorrow 



May 17, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 16 May - #NewEpisode #Planning #PackWeight #100DayChallenge


  • New episode out with Phoebe Smith on the Tough Girl Podcast
  • Trying to work out where and when I’ll be on the trail
  • Questions I can’t answer now!
  • Final week of training - 4 - 4 mile walks!
  • My bag is not that heavy….
  • 7,909 g = 17.43 lbs = 8 kg
  • Not including water, food & jacket
  • Why I went for a poncho
  • New blog post to be uploaded
  • Trying to figure out what to do at the start!
  • Plan for the first 200 miles
  • Over 400 subscribers on Youtube!
  • More info coming about Summer Blogging
  • 100 Day Challenge - What are you going to be doing!
  • Plans for the week
  • Have an awesome day!!
  • Checkout the blog and subscribe to my Youtube channel
May 17, 2017
  • New Week
  • Cheryl Strayed on How to Deal with Fear and Grief
  • Fears for the Appalachian Trail
  • Nothing else more to do regarding training
  • Aiming to be undertrained
  • Dead time…
  • Your mind..
  • “What if…”
  • Other peoples fears…
  • Have an awesome day!!
  • Checkout the blog and subscribe to my Youtube channel


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May 15, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 14 May - #SuperSunday #RecordsBroken #Downloads

  • Tears of happiness
  • Checking my media host
  • 500/600 downloads per day
  • BIG Shock!!
  • 6,000 downloads…. in a day!!!
  • 7,376 downloads by 10pm - spread out over 80 episodes
  • Breaking 300,000 downloads…
  • New patron! Thank you Gemma Smith!
  • 108 patrons - $477 per month
  • Where has the spike come from?
  • Zero money spent on advertising
  • I can’t stop smiling!!!
  • Looking horrendous on Instagram stories!
  • Watching ‘Big Foot’ on Youtube
  • Sunday Blues… 
  • Have an awesome day!!
  • Checkout the blog and subscribe to my Youtube channel

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May 14, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 13 May - #EmmaTimmis #FacebookGroups #GettingRidOfNegativity

  • Meeting up with Emma Timmis for lunch
  • Potential business venture with Emma
  • Thinking about the Mental Aspect of the hike
  • Appalachian Trials By Zach Davis
  • FB Groups…. negative environments…
  • Drone footage on the AT
  • Connecticut State Challenge - 52 miles in 1 day…
  • Cutting out negativity in my life
  • Why does the negativity come through? Sex? Number?
  • 15 mile and 18 mile - Fast hiking plans
  • What I’m struggling with
  • Not being able to plan….
  • My Start Strong Plan…
  • Why I need to change my start plan…
  • Wanting a plan!!
  • 390 subscribers on YouTube
  • Investing in a GoPro??
  • How can I make it happen?
  • Selling some stuff on eBay!!!
  • Credit Card….
  • Have an awesome day!!
  • Checkout the blog and subscribe to my Youtube channel

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May 13, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 12 May #Video #GearReview #TribeThursday


  • Uploading video of my gear for the Appalachian Trail
  • Making a mistake
  • Not ticking anything off my to do list
  • My expenses and what I’ve spent to get ready for the Appalachian Trail
  • £12 on research
  • £124 visa, to get it delivered £18
  • £767 - Travel & accommodation
  • My two biggest expenses - backpack & air mattress
  • Supplements!!
  • Holding out for the shoes!!
  • New blog post coming tomorrow
  • Summer blogging… moving forward
  • Quality check on blog post and upload on a Thursday #TribeThursday
  • Interview with Rae Red
  • Update on 100 day challenge
  • Why I love this challenge
  • Why the small things do matter
  • 5 push up in the morning?
  • Why it has to be personal to you
  • Why you want to make it specific
  • Why accountability is so important
  • Lemon & mint water
  • My weight has dropped back down to 10.5
  • New blog post out on my body update
  • Catching up with Emma Timmis
  • Need to practice putting my my tent!!
  • Have an awesome day!
  • Checkout the blog and subscribe to my Youtube channel

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May 12, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 11 May #3thingstodo #walking #swimming #PhoneFixed


  • Great day
  • Getting my phone fixed!
  • Super relaxing swimming
  • Speaking to Abigale from Motivational Monday Podcast
  • Top tips for guest - twitter, add value, comment on their blog, connect via Linkedin
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get
  • Being relaxed about guests
  • New videos to be recorded
  • 2 new patrons! LiSa & Loubou - $468 via Patreon
  • Donation from Mike Grey
  • New episode -  Elspeth Beard - 1st women to motorcycle around the world
  • Tough Girl Tribe - 1000 members
  • Tough Girl Team - totally awesome!!
  • 6,000 Instagram, over 7,100 followers on Twitter
  • 385 Subscribers on youtube, and 30,000 views on youtube
  • coming up to 300,000 downloads 
  • 100 Day Challenge - coming tomorrow…
  • Have an awesome day!

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May 11, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 10th May #stories #100DayChallenge #Interviews #MHAW


  • New Patrons - Thank you Margie Woods
  • The impact of the podcast
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Blog post - What more can be done 
  • The power of story telling
  • WAEXPO Seminar - in Bristol
  • Being inspired by Amy Hughes
  • The ripple effect
  • Images have been uploaded for the podcast -can’t get the order right :-(
  • 5 things to do on the to do list
  • The 100 Day Challenge
  • Positive goals
  • Summer Blogging Idea….
  • New blog posts on the Appalachian Trail
  • What to do for the next 20 days…
  • Doing interviews for other podcasts
  • Mouth ulcer?!!
May 10, 2017
  • Speaking to my sister in law - Julia who is based in Melbourne 
  • Her background
  • How she came to be in Melbourne
  • Deciding not to go back to her corporate career after having Grace
  • Her new company - Shoots Marketing Consulting 
  • Where the idea came from and why she’s been thinking about it for 2 years
  • The first step she took to start her company
  • Speaking to accountant first
  • How it builds overtime
  • Solving problems
  • What she is focusing on
  • The call to action 
  • Why it’s the simple things that everyone forgets about
  • What I learned from my failures when I started the Tough Girl Podcast
  • The challenges at the start of a new business
  • Getting new clients
  • Only working 3 days a week


Contact Julia

Say hi on twitter  - @shootsmarketing

May 9, 2017
  • Final bits of preparation
  • Train ticket booked to London £22
  • Tough Girl Tribe Meet up all booked in
  • Hair donation is going ahead - with thanks to Andrew Collinge - Graduate Salon in Birkenhead
  • Bits & Bobs
  • Hotel booked for Atlanta
  • WonderWomen
  • REI #ForcesofNature
  • Lift to the start line $10
  • Final bits - new trainers & a jacket
  • Waiting to hear back from a campaign I’ve applied for 
  • Be in it to win it
  • How I’m feeling at the moment
  • Making adjustments to my backpack
  • Taking apart my Raidlight backpack and adding it onto my Aura Backpack
  • Tough Girl Team blog out
  • New blog about what’s going to happen to Tough Girl Challenges
  • What’s going to be happening to Tough Girl Daily
  • Little jobs
  • 3 New book winners from the April Competition!
  • Goal for Patreon $500 before the trail
  • Budget for the trail - trying to cost out food???
  • The final push
  • How are we in May?!?!
  • The constant questions?
  • Have I forgotten anything?!
  • Plan to get everything done by the weekend!
  • Have an awesome Monday!
  • Thinking back to Lisbon - November 2017
  • Living my dreams


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May 8, 2017

Discussion points

Below are the questions I’ve been sending to interviewees so you get a sense of the areas I want to cover but I’d like to keep it as conversational as possible. Some will be more applicable than others:


  1. What is you field of interest/expertise and before you started podcasting and what was the primary form through which you communicated in that field? 
  2. How did you become interested in podcasts and what was the process you went through in becoming a podcaster?
  3. How did learning the skills of podcast production/hosting influence/change you understanding of communication in your field?
  4. What particular advantages does podcasting have over other media forms such as Film, TV, blogging/social media, traditional journalism?
  5. Do you see a difference between podcasting and radio?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of podcasting over writing?
  7. Do you see podcasting as essentially a dissemination platform or has it had some specific impact on your fundamental conception of your field of interest/discipline? 
  8. Do you define yourself as a podcaster as much as any other identity such as writer, filmmaker, scientist, comedian, musician, academic?


Social Media


My Links!


Twitter -

Instagram - 

Blog/Website - 

FaceBook - 


Tumblr - 

Pinterest - 

Patreon -

May 7, 2017
  • Gym session - new training program (which will be on the blog soon!!!)
  • The power of podcasting
  • Catching up with Stacey Copeland, & her mum!
  • Losing site of Shore - amazing new documentary
  • One Punch - new documentary 
  • Ellen from Rando Girls & Gemma Smith (From 7 women - 7 challenges)
  • TENT!!! Is sorted!!! Thank you Ellen!!!
  • Gear time!!
  • Terra Nova - 2 man tent…. so light!!
  • Amazing team of women helping to support me!
  • Pre loading all of the photos onto the home page
  • Promoting the podcast onto Linkedin
  • Pre-loading all of my podcast episodes!!
  • Focus on the blog!
  • Putting on weight…
  • Infused water…. new obsession!!!
  • How did I meet Ellen?!
  • Not being sociable
  • Friends who I’ve met via social media!
  • Plans for Sunday 
  • Fun announcements coming out for the Tribe!
May 6, 2017



Sarah Williams from Tough Girl Podcasts

Tell me a bit about yourself :)

You were working in the city originally, weren’t you? What were you working in and why did you decide to leave?

What prompted you to then take the steps to travel around the world?

Did you go on your own?

How did you decide what to do?

How did you choose where to start?

Did you have a plan? Or leave it open so you could explore as you pleased?

How did you feel the morning of setting off?

When you’re on the road - how do you find somewhere to stay that night? And the next? Do you just show up to a hostel and hope they have a room?

How did you find out where the best places to go were?

Which was your favourite country?

What were the highlights of your trip?

I bet you met some incredible people - who stands out in your mind the most?

How did you cope with money?

Was it easy to get hold of the correct currency? 

How much did you roughly spend a day/on accom?

What lessons did you learn from your trip?

What are your top 5 tips for going traveling?


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Follow me on Twitter | Subscribe to my Youtube | 
Browse my Instagram | Tag my new profile Women Outdoors
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