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After working in finance for 8 years, I quit my city job and spent 18 months travelling the world, climbing Kilimanjaro, backpacking around South America and doing a ski season. I used this time to help me decide on what I wanted to do with my life. ​ I set up Tough Girl Challenges as a way of motivating and inspiring women and girls. I'm the host the Tough Girl Podcast where I interview inspirational female explorers, adventurers, athletes and everyday women who have overcome great challenges. I completed the Marathon des Sables in April 2016 and in 2017 I will be thru hiking the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles) in 100 days! This is my daily update of what I get up to! I want to share the journey, the high points the low points and what it takes to build a business while having fun and going on adventures! Sarah AKA - Tough Girl xx The Daily Podcast will be on hold until I come back from the Appalachian Trail. I will be thru-hiking from the 3rd June to the 10th September. You can watch my vlogs on my Youtube Channel -
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Mar 31, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 30th March - #RestDay #Collaborations #Sponsorship 

  • Rest day
  • Editing Cheryl Strayed podcast (which took all morning)
  • Scheduled some blog post
  • Interview with Emma Powell
  • Speaking to Laura Try from 7 women - 7 challenges
  • The struggle to get sponsorship - getting a no from Osprey
  • What else do I need to do?
  • What am I missing?
  • Recording an interview with Bex Band from the Ordinary Adventurer
  • Check out 
  • Looking at collaborations
  • Getting my e-mails down to zero!!!
  • Have an awesome Thursday!!
  • xx
Mar 30, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 29th March - #cycling #interviews #focused

  • Having an amazing day
  • Sleeping better
  • Cycling for an hour & really enjoying it
  • Interview with Paula Reid - How she lives her life -
  • Goals and making sure you set smart goals
  • Caroline will be coming back on the podcast to talk about - Make it Happen March
  • Not being able to do anything before my interview with Cheryl Strayed!
  • Feeling the pressure building up
  • 100th episode coming out on the 2nd May
  • Being really focused and using a paper diary to keep track of everything
  • Edited Paul Reid
  • Plans for tomorrow and needing to get them uploaded before midnight on the 31st
  • Funzing Team - Working with London Night - April 25th £10 tickets (I make 70% of the ticket price) 
  • Going to get the coach back from London - save my money
  • E-mails are under control
  • Thank you to Alison Ingleby for converting one of the Youtube videos into a blog article 
  • Article on - How to prepare for your next adventure
  • What’s working well is being really focused on what I need to do
  • 4 episodes to be uploaded and then I’m scheduled with podcast up until May
  • That gives me April and May to pre load all of the podcasts for while I’m away on the Appalachian Trail
  • Waiting for Patreon funds to be processed 
  • Heading down to London for another event - being a panelist in May
  • Have an amazing day - keep focused on what you need to do 
  • Ask yourself if that’s going to help you achieve your goals
  • x
Mar 29, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 28th March - #Training #7Women #7Challenges

Day 87

  • Clear schedule of what I need to achieve today
  • Waking up a little later than normal…
  • Speaking to Rachel Wise in Switzerland from 7 Women - 7 Challenges
  • Sorting out my e-mail - 1 e-mail in my inbox
  • Sitting on a bike for an hour!
  • Reading Cheryl Strayed & interviewing her tomorrow!!!
  • Editing 3 parts for 7 women - 7 challenges
  • Having a power nap at 6.30pm
  • Being naught and eating 3 chocolate desserts!
  • Balance and trying to put on more weight before the trail
  • Shout out to Abbie! Believe in yourself
  • How to deal with haters and negative people
  • You have one life to live
  • Plans for tomorrow…. interview with Cheryl Strayed.. & wanting to do the best interview possible
  • Being inspired by Garry Vernackhuck especially in relation to having patience and being authentic
  • Wanting to do more videos & vlogging
  • Capacity to upload 1 more podcast before midnight on the 31st
  • So many interviews coming up….
  • Getting ready to start pre-loading episodes for while I’m away on the Appalachian Trail
  • Struggling to get insurance at a reasonable price
  • Excited to buy my tent in April!!
  • Having to get the coach to London
  • Have an amazing day, have fun, follow your passions and write down your goals
  • Know what you’re working towards! 
  • x
Mar 28, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 27th March - #MotivationalMonday

Amazing Monday! New Patrons and new interviews recorded! 

  • Monday plans - S&C Session and 2 interviews
  • Lovely e-mail from supporters of the podcast!
  • The link for people to becoming a patron!
  • Please share the podcast with everyone you know!!!
  • Thank you to Ellen for sharing my podcast leaflet to Libby Peter!
  • Trying to promote more women’s blogs through the main FB page (2,600+)
  • Thank you to everyone who is helping with the FB page and the TG Tribe
  • The tribe is growing and trying to decide how I want to grow it? If I want to grow it?
  • 90 patrons & breaking through the $400 a month!!!
  • Next goal - 100 Patrons!!!
  • Plans for Tuesday - 2 more interviews for 7 Women - 7 Challenges, write show notes, and edit 3 interviews.
  • By the end of Tuesday having 4 parts of the 7 women - 7 challenges, completed 
  • New walk - the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire
  • Training for this week
  • Continue reading Cheryl Strayed’s book for her interview on Wednesday
  • Having very set goals
  • Being in a very good space and why being very clear with my goals is helping me to achieve my goals
  • Trying to stay focused
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Be proactive  - write down your goals, highlight the priority goals and and focus on what needs to be done first!!
  • x
Mar 27, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 26th March - Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Starting the day with 121 Coaching
  • Marking the different area of your life out of 10
  • Focusing in on one area to create SMART Goals
  • Not telling people what to do
  • What do you want to do with your life
  • Recording Youtube video’s
  • Sharing my podcasts on youtube automatically through Libsyn
  • Youtube subscribers have grown from 100 to 360 with over 26,000 views
  • 3 more videos to come out - Yorkshire Dales Walk, Day 1 of my 50 mile walk and Day 2 of 50 mile walk
  • Answering questions for Katrina Megget’s blog - Climbing 40 volcanoes by the age of 40
  • Trying something new
  • Repurposing content 
  • 4 videos recorded
  • Answering blog questions for Dani from Mountain & Co
  • Answering questions on starting a podcast
  • Adding in the intro and ending to the videos
  • Issues with exporting the videos to Youtube
  • Conference Call 
  • Doing it for free and asking for donations
  • Plans for next week
  • Getting back on Instagram stories!
  • Having 13 interviews lined up!
  • Interviewing 7 women for 7 challenges for Part 3
  • Speaking with Cheryl Strayed on the 25th
  • Re reading wild and getting my questions sorted for the interview
  • Draw to win a copy of Catherine Mayers book on the 31st March
  • Have an amazing Monday and be proactive!!!


Mar 26, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 25th March - #blinkist #AppalachianTrail

Show notes

  • Having no plans
  • Starting my day with Blinkist
  • Reading great books
  • Creating artwork for the daily podcast - 70 done!
  • This daily podcast will finish on day 150 - the 30th May
  • Spending some glorious time in the sunshine
  • Being good on my supplements & having miso (v.salty) in my protein shakes
  • New blog posts uploaded for Sarah Logan, Gina Cleere & Rahma Barclay
  • Trying to figure out how to upload my video footage while on the trail
  • Do I need my watch?
  • Being tactical with recording and taking photos
  • Following “Bigfoot” may not work for me
  • Waiting for the 1st of April for Patreon funds to come through!
  • Birthday cards organised for while I’m away
  • Planning for Boston - what to do? Any suggestions?
  • Not knowing how I’m going to feel after I finish…
  • Getting booked in with my Naturopath for September
  • Hope you’ve had an amazing day
  • Sunday plans
  • Watch out for the Youtube videos’s coming out!
  • x
Mar 25, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 24th March -Planning for the Appalachian Trail


  • Chilled day
  • Appalachian Trail Planning!
  • What is the Appalachian Trail?
  • Thinking back to 2014..
  • Wanting to challenge myself for longer
  • How the 100 days evolved over time
  • Planning the 1st 10 days and 200 miles
  • Getting the balance right with planning
  • Choosing my tent 
  • Electrolytes in tablet form
  • New speaking gig in London
  • Being in London for the UK Blog Awards
  • Insurance? Waiting for quotes..
  • Keep ticking little things off the list
  • Starting to get my stuff together
  • Watching Bigfoot on Youtube for ideas
  • Alexa is taking on the Merchandise for Tough Girl Challenges!
  • More videos coming soon!
  • Creating an April spreadsheet
  • Thank you Leah for helping out with the show notes
  • Loving work
  • Have an awesome day!
  • x
Mar 24, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 23rd March - Rest day


  • Lazy day, eating food
  • Comparing my 50 miles over two days to doing 52 miles on MDS
  • New equipment for the trail
  • Flights booked home from Boston
  • Looking for Insurance and getting quotes
  • Needing to get my tent, backpack, insurance and shoes
  • Being organised with the podcast
  • Tough Girl Extra - Laura Gush & Sarah Logan
  • My plan for the end of March
  • Plan for April 
  • Still looking for a sponsor but being chilled about it
  • Patreon - $395 - 88 patrons
  • Goal to get to $400 or $450 by the end of March
  • Needing to get to $600 by the start of the trail 
  • Needing to tick a few more things off my list!
  • Have a fantastic day!
  • x


Mar 23, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 22nd March - Day 2  - 50 miles

  • Waking up early 
  • Wearing the same clothes
  • Worried about injury
  • Getting to a trudge towards the end
  • Tips & tricks for getting through it
  • Negativity
  • Just thinking about the first 2 weeks of the trail
  • Having bad hydration and fuelling
  • Needing to have a routine when it comes to eating
  • Being met by mum
  • Being helped out of my trainers by dad
  • Started at 8.40 maybe about 7 hour of walking
  • Eating, drinking, hot bath, bed.
  • New daily record for downloads! (2,720 downloads in a day!)
  • Thank you for all your support!
  • Taking things away as well as adding them to your life
  • Have a fantastic day!
Mar 22, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - 21st March


  • Lacking motivation in the morning
  • Heading out for a 25 mile training walk
  • Cheeky ice cream at Parkgate
  • Feeling in pain, throbbing legs & arms
  • Dealing with the DOMS
  • 3.3 mph - about 20 min miles
  • Being inspired by Nikki Kimble to push through the pain
  • 25 miles, 7.40 mins, 53,000 steps!
  • Listening to podcasts by Tim Ferris
  • Plan for tomorrow
  • Filming for Youtube
  • Breaking down the Appalachian Trail Challenge
  • Why I’m just going to focus on the first 2 weeks, the first 200 miles of the trail
  • Training on tired legs
  • New episode of the Tough Girl Podcast out today - Rahma Barclay
  • Hitting 250,000 downloads of the Tough Girl Podcast
  • Being exhausted & tired
  • Sorry about the tears



Mar 20, 2017

#Chilled Sunday 

Mar 19, 2017

Day 77

Swimming - 1hr - 2425m

Sorting my life out - hoover, change bedding

Recording a new MDS Questions video

Beetroot & chocolate cake

Outsourcing work for the podcast

Mar 18, 2017

A rocking Friday!

2 podcasts edited!!

Follow me on Instagram stories! @toughgirlchallenges

Mar 17, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Thursday  16th March - #ThrillingThursday


#GymLife #editing #CatherineMayer


  • Being  productive and everything coming together
  • New episodes on Tough Girl EXTRA with Frances Taylor
  • Sharing a bit more about the process and what I do when a new episode get launched
  • Heading to the gym with dad
  • Start of a new 8 week block of training
  • Yolk Hold - increased from 80kg to 90kg 
  • Changing my process re podcasting
  • Anne-Maria Watson uploaded and done - as well as Sarah Logan all uploaded and good to go
  • Taking a power nap
  • Heading to Liverpool to hear Catherine Mayer and Tabitha Morton talk
  • Learning to say NO 
  • Getting involved in WEP in the future
  • Having to be selfish and not apologising for it
  • Donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust
  • Should I shave my head?
  • Patrons - thank you so much -85 patrons $386 per month
  • Thank you Stance for my socks!!
  • Check out
  • Have an amazing day!
Mar 16, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Wednesday 15th March - #MotivationalWednesday

#Swimming #editing #LovingLife


  • Being so productive
  • Swimming - 32 mins 1150 m
  • Fresh eggs - thank you Ellen Piercy!
  • Editing an emotional episode with Sarah Logan (Coming 13th April)
  • Check your breasts!!!
  • Plans for Tough Girl Extra
  • Camp America interview done and report written
  • Coaching Call - work with me!! (£35 p/h)
  • Thank you to Stance for my socks!
  • Appalachian Trail planning next week!!
  • Eating good food - all day!! Get the Albacore Tuna from M&S
  • Editing Anne-Maria Watson episode (Her episode will come out on the 4th April)
  • Having Cheryl Strayed on for the 100th episode!!! Interview is booked in!!
  • Not wanting to stop working…… #Balance
  • Plans for tomorrow - gym & meeting up with Catherine Mayers
  • Have an amazing day!



Mar 15, 2017

Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

Timeless Strategies from the First Lady of Courage

by Robin Gerber


“Women, whether subtly or vociferously, have always been a tremendous power in the destiny of the world”

- Eleanor Roosevelt



Mar 14, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Monday 13th March - #MotivationalMonday




  • Being so productive (just none of it on my to do list)
  • Batch editing podcasts
  • Interview done for Camp America and report written
  • 80 Patrons - $366 USD
  • £1.55 until next pay day!
  • Being interviewed for Motivational Monday podcast
  • E-mails done
  • It’s a no from Sherpa 
  • Chased ISPO up again for my money
  • Why it’s about documenting the journey and not content creation
  • Being able to see the growth & the journey!
  • Having belief in myself
  • Why you should read the - Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen
  • Why your daily habits are so important
  • Have an amazing day!




Mar 13, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Sunday 12th March - Update on Goals!

#Goals #Sunday #MondayMotivation

  • Chilled Sunday
  • Battling feelings of guilt
  • Catching up with Stephanie from the Tough Girl Tribe
  • Catching up with Stacey Copeland
  • Arranging a dinner party for early March 
  • Watching Twilight
  • Foot massage & reflexology
  • Getting into bad habits
  • Monday  - New Week - New Start!
  • Editing podcasts (no more editing chat)
  • Patreon - 79 patrons - $365 a month!! GOAL  - to get to $400
  • Update on my goals for the year
  • Have a great Monday & have a great week!!



Mar 12, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Saturday 11th March - Walking weekend in the Yorkshire Dales!

#Walking #GetOutside #Training


  • Staying with Ellen from Rando Girls
  • Not having to plan or think
  • 10 miles with a weighted backpack (20 lbs)
  • Dealing with the pain of the pack
  • Check out Instagram stories for more pics @toughgirlchallenges
  • Loving my walking poles!
  • Chocolate & Beetroot #Cake
  • New Youtube video coming soon (Thank you to Flynn!!)
  • Needing to look at my fuel intake as I don’t eat enough when I’m walking
  • Switching my brain off
  • How to celebrate the 100th Episode of the Tough Girl Podcast
  • Editing podcasts!!
  • Why you just have to do the things you don’t like
  • Plans for Sunday
Mar 11, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Friday 10th March


#Editing #planning #DailyHabits


  • Stayed in my PJs all day editing podcasts
  • Focusing on the quality of the sound
  • Batch editing
  • Thank you Leah for your help with the show notes
  • Needing to get help with the show notes
  • Having an epsom salt bath 
  • Heading to stay with Ellen from Rando Girls
  • Eating chocolate & beetroot cake
  • Appalachian Trail planning
  • Have fun this weekend
  • Follow along on Instagram stories @toughgirlchallenges
  • Loading up my backpack with water… do I need a new backpack?
Mar 10, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Thursday 9th March



  • Up at 6am
  • Thank you cards!
  • Interview with Podcast with Heart
  • Editing more podcasts & getting them uploaded
  • Staying in my PJs all day
  • Watching movies…No exercise… Feeling Lazy
  • Not in the mood.. for podcasting
  • Dealing with the loss of 1 patron
  • Being a slow month for patrons
  • Trying to be patient
  • Being invited down to London for an event at RedBull HQ - Having to say no
  • Still waiting for funds from ISPO
  • Plans for tomorrow - edit one podcast!
  • Plans for the weekend
  • Thank you for listening - any questions ping me an e-mail
  • Speak to you tomorrow 



Mar 9, 2017

Day 67

International Women's Day 

- #IWD2017

- Chronic period pain

- Trying to up my gain

- Speaking gig for Sony 

- Working with Caroline from Raise the Bar Life Coaching

- Thank you Pamela!!!

- Goal setting (SMART)

- Heading to Bills for lunch

- Having a naughty desert

- Killing time at Euston

- Editing the next podcast





Mar 8, 2017

Show notes

- Super chilled morning

- Working on screen flow (recording how to videos for while I'm away on the Appalachian Trail)

- Loving dropbox

- Train to London from Liverpool

- Meeting up with friends in London

- Staying in London for the day

- Arranging interview with Cheryl Strayed for the end of March

- Book competition giveaway for Patrons of the podcast

- 3 new patrons in March

- Getting ready for #IWD2017


Mar 7, 2017

Tough Girl Daily - Monday 6th March


  • Finished editing Rahma Barclays episode
  • Speaking to Catherine Mayer for International Women’s Day - 8th March
  • #IWD2017
  • Why I decided to interview Catherine for the Tough Girl Podcast
  • There is no point complaining 
  • Why action needs to be taken
  • Books to be won!! You just need to become a patron of the Tough Girl Podcast!
  • Patreon!
  • PT session with Chris Thomas
  • Flight has been booked!
  • Next two big purchases are the tent and my tracker
  • 2 new Patrons in March! $361 goal is to get to $450 by the end of the month or at least $400
  • Epsom salt bath for recovery
  • Plans for tomorrow - editing & travel to London
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